14 Weird Pregnancy Facts

We shall agree with the truth that pregnancy is both an odd and thrilling process that one can really experience. It is quite hilarious that you are developing and nurturing another creature in your womb. To add to it, this human being is making different movement right in your womb. People have often explained the experience of how an unborn baby makes several movements inside a womb. Apart from this experience new parents guide, there are other processes and feelings you can go through as a pregnant woman.

Firstly, by the time the pregnancy reaches 4 months, the infant starts to pee inside the womb. The quantity of this urine can be around a liter per day. I guess this sounds strange? Now see this! This same baby takes in the urine they send out.

Secondly, when you are due for delivery, your placenta will generate the quantity of hormone called the estrogen in which someone who is not pregnant would have created in the next 3 years.

There is a case in which a pregnancy was long overdue, over one year and it still resulted to live birth. Well, anything close to 9 months is even considered to be lengthy. I believe you cannot picture having a large tummy for more than 1 year. Another thing you will likely experience here is that your heart enlarges during your period of pregnancy. Research has it that this large heart adjust it’s location during this period. Also, your womb enlarges thereby pushing the muscle that separates the lungs from the stomach a bit higher. This slight adjustment further shifts the heart into the chest opening.

Out of two thousand infants, a little fraction is being delivered with teeth. It is known as natural or birth teeth and it doesn't always happen among many new born; as indicated in the percentage. It is however observed that the birth teeth comes quicker than when the normal one comes out. The reason for this circumstance has not been known till now. Well, research claims it is always inherited from the family lineage. It should be noted that if a child is delivered with teeth that has no gap, removing them is not needful unless if there is a separate reason on why they should be removed. Again, you might want to remove the teeth if they pose a risk to the mother; especially if they are pointed. You don't want to imagine a mother using her breast to feed an infant that has teeth.

Should in case you experience heart burn as a pregnant woman, there is an indication that your child will be delivered with hairs all over the head. To support this claim, a news agency reports about a research carried out at John Hopkins and it was made available on their periodical magazine. This research presentation has it that when a pregnant woman experience heart burn, there is every likely hood that the baby will be delivered with hairs on the head.

Here is another experience that will shock you. There is a condition known as Pregnancy Brain. This condition comes as a result of inadequate oxygen flowing in the blood of pregnant women. One scientist, Louann Brizendine MD claims that Pregnancy Brain can be caused by inadequate sleep. It is however saddening to say that pregnant women who suffer from this challenge may last for close to one year even after child delivery. Another feature to note here is that; if you deliver a baby girl, she will naturally grow eggs for reproduction even at an early stage; while young males may not grow matured organs for reproduction until they get to their teenage period.

Are you aware that your partner can suffer the same pregnancy signs with you? This situation is known as couvade condition and it can be called a sympathetic pregnancy. In this situation, the husband to the pregnant woman will be experiencing the same pains and discomfort that the pregnant woman is facing.

Like I said, this can be in the form of body pains and funny hallucination which usually is attached to the condition of being pregnant. So, if you discover that your significant other is experiencing this discomfort at the same time with you, then know that couvade syndrome is at work. Another experience that pregnant women should look out for is the fact that infants cry right inside the uterus. This can be noticed right from the seventh month of pregnancy. Although their cry may not be loud but when they do, the mother may have the feeling of crying too. A research was carried out in which a high sound was played on stomachs of pregnant women. It was to stimulate the unborn babies to react. According to the research, these babies opened their mouths in a way of crying but it was not noisy.

Trying to kindle your nipple by taking highly spiced foods cannot make you go into toiling for the birthing process. Instead, this practice can only help in calm down a hormone called Oxitocin. This hormone also accelerates delivery. However, this can be made possible if your body system is stimulated and ready for child delivery. During pregnancy, it is noticed that a woman’s womb enlarges far more than it’s usual size. We can have an endless list of signs and experiences a pregnant woman always goes through but these are few remarkable tips I tried to explain here.