Learning Basic Dating Etiquette

If you want to impress your date on your first night, it’d be best that you have some dating etiquette. Any man or woman who sees that their date is good with table manners and right conduct during dates has a good chance of having a second, or even a third date.

Here’s something to help you learn some basic etiquette!

Welcome to the Digital Dating Era! [Infographic]

It’s the year 2015. It’s the year of the smartphones and mobile Internet connections. It’s a time where communications technology has made it possible for billions of people to communicate with each other at lightning fast speeds.

Of course, the dating industry will want to play a huge role in this era.

You’d probably be shocked by the number of people using Online Dating Services. You’d be shocked at how many daters have found their soulmates from the first kilometer of their own continent, up to the other side of the world. Technology just does some amazing things, doesn’t it?

Top 3 First Date Mistakes You Should Avoid

Have you ever been on a date before? When was the last time you have dated? Do you still remember your first dates? Well, I was 19 when I had my first real date with a beautiful girl but it didn’t turn out so good because I am not that serious when it comes to relationship before so I did the usual stuff, just date and then proceed to other stuffs.

We all get nervous on first dates. It is a natural part of the dating process folks. However, in these cases, you can avoid them all when you have the right plans and tips to apply. These tips will help set the stage for successful dating experiences in the future. Here the first date mistakes to avoid when on a date and how to do the necessary things instead:

Mistake #1 – Poor Manners When On a Date

You already have the attractive date of the night and you are sitting right next to her and the conversation is flowing well and you two are feeling the intrigued of each other then suddenly, these things happen:

> When you are telling a story, you suddenly utter some curse words and then overacting the story you are sharing to your date.

> Or your date picks her food from her teeth using her fingers.

> Over-sharing and dominates the whole conversation.

> Either one of you takes a cell phone call or responds to a text in the middle of the date or the your conversation.

One word: rudeness. Your date will never take you back for a second round because of those poor manners of yours. Nothing kills chemistry faster than poor manners. Always remember that guys and girls. Also you can check out our 7 must know tips to avoid ruining a date on our next post.

Mistake #2 – Your Date and Your Ex Comparison

This is probably the most common mistakes anyone who are in a date would share with a guy or a girl. When you are comparing your current dating partner to your ex is like a brick in the head. You should never do this to your date unless you two are on many dates already. That time you can share personal stuffs like this. Comparisons to your ex immediately discount the uniqueness of the person in front of you. It is like saying you are missing your ex in front of your date. This is another major dating no-no. It’s certainly not the way to start a new relationship. If you find yourself comparing your dating partner to your ex on a regular basis, you might want to schedule a life coaching session with me to find out why the comparison is happening. Or perhaps, choose someone to date that doesn’t trigger the comparisons.

Mistake #3 – Dating a Snob

Now this is something so true that it happens to most dates these days. Mostly this one happens to guys who are poor in getting or giving follow-ups to their dates. If you are truly excited to see your date again, be very specific. Nothing is more attractive and sexy than a person who is able to express confidence and comfort with setting up a date in a very specific way.

Are you guilty of making these first date mistakes? Well, if you are, you better start making some great changes in yourself today. You can read more about the date mistakes that you should avoid on your next topic. See you all again soon!

Pump Up Your Vocabulary, Impress Your Date

Nothing ever makes men or women swoon than a date with a great vocabulary. Studies show that 50% of dates find themselves wanting to have a second date with a person who has good diction and a pretty profound and beautiful vocabulary. So what are you waiting for? This infographic can definitely do you dating wonders!

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