Learning Basic Dating Etiquette

If you want to impress your date on your first night, it’d be best that you have some dating etiquette. Any man or woman who sees that their date is good with table manners and right conduct during dates has a good chance of having a second, or even a third date.

Here’s something to help you learn some basic etiquette!

Welcome to the Digital Dating Era! [Infographic]

It’s the year 2015. It’s the year of the smartphones and mobile Internet connections. It’s a time where communications technology has made it possible for billions of people to communicate with each other at lightning fast speeds.

Of course, the dating industry will want to play a huge role in this era.

You’d probably be shocked by the number of people using Online Dating Services. You’d be shocked at how many daters have found their soulmates from the first kilometer of their own continent, up to the other side of the world. Technology just does some amazing things, doesn’t it?

Pump Up Your Vocabulary, Impress Your Date

Nothing ever makes men or women swoon than a date with a great vocabulary. Studies show that 50% of dates find themselves wanting to have a second date with a person who has good diction and a pretty profound and beautiful vocabulary. So what are you waiting for? This infographic can definitely do you dating wonders!

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